Emerging stronger from the COVID-19 pandemic

Our thoughts and prayers are with those severely impacted by the coronavirus, as well as the brave front-line workers who are keeping the world running during a time of very little movement.

The travel industry has been rocked to its core by the fallout from COVID-19, and the lasting impacts will remain unknown for a while. 

We at Smart Hotel Rate know from experience in other setbacks that the people who drive the travel industry forward are not ones to stand still or quit, so we have the utmost confidence that our industry will bounce back. 

It may look a bit different from the way it did in 2019, but our industry will be back – moving commerce and collaboration forward in ways that only person-to-person interactions can.

There is no one timeline for this recovery and there is no way to know exactly when it is right to start planning beyond the current crisis. Each company needs to make its own best judgment. 

But once you are ready to imagine the operating model for your post-COVID-19 world, we urge you to do so boldly and without boundaries. 

This period of disruption and pause gives us all a unique opportunity to look at our industry structures and practices with fresh eyes and a renewed focus. 

Let’s not pick up where we left off. 

Instead let’s work together to “do business travel better” than it ever was. 

If we collectively refuse to go back to long-outdated processes and wasteful practices, we will recover faster – and move forward stronger. 

If we rely upon smart technology to do all it can and reserve our people-hours for tasks that truly require human creativity, we will emerge healthier – and build the future more boldly.

If we engage with the many start-ups and other innovators who have been working tirelessly and taking risks for the dream of better business travel, we will become more resilient – and reap the benefits of a more dynamic industry.

Smart Hotel Rate is one of these innovators, and we would love the opportunity to share our progress and ideas with you when you are ready. As a start, take a look at our first product response here.

In the meantime, stay safe, look after your loved ones – and continue to dream big dreams. 

Your Smart Hotel Rate team