Introducing CleanHotel: traveler safety verified


The hotel industry can not recover from the pandemic until travelers have confidence in the cleanliness and safety of the properties they stay in. We could incorporate such data into Smart Hotel Rate or offer it as a standalone service.

A product like this could also be a gateway to other services hotels want to offer via SMS or app (e.g., housekeeping requests, room service orders, etc.).

You can read our statement on Covid-19’s impact here.


CleanHotel is a proto product for tracking hotel sanitization data. The Smart Hotel Rate team has been thinking about incorporating data that shows which hotels participate in cleanliness certification programs.

So the recent TravelScrum hackathon was a great opportunity to build a demo app and get feedback, and the fact that we won the prize for best product concept and execution in EMEA is validation we were looking for.


Over 3 days in 2020 the team built an API, SMS app and sample web app to demonstrate the concept. See a video of the demo on our hackathon project page. The project won the award for best concept and execution in EMEA, and we have received significant interest from potential customers and partners.

 “CleanHotel has come up with something very clever. They collect data from hotels so travelers know when was the last time that their room or any public place in the hotel was cleaned. We really liked it because it is going to help instill more trust and more confidence to travel again, and it is a microservice – something you can plug into many different solutions: booking systems, apps.”

– TravelScrum Hackathon judges

If you are interested in discussing how CleanHotel data could benefit your business, please contact