Free Hotel Contract Validation

When we started Smart Hotel Rate we assumed that customers’ hotel contract data exports would be perfectly accurate – because how can you expect to get your negotiated rates if you don’t have accurate data on what rates you negotiated?

Instead we found significant amounts of missing, inconsistent or contradictory data. No surprise, then, that companies overpay $14 billion every year because of incorrect rates, while hotels lose customers and waste resources chasing issues.

Enter Smart Hotel Rate’s Contract Validator. Designed to eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets and manual data entry, this powerful software leverages algorithms to automatically check every detail of your hotel contracts.

This diagnostic is now available to hotel programs at no charge for the next 30 days. Simply email us any spreadsheet with your negotiated hotel rates, and we’ll deliver you a report outlining all errors or issues, as well as an estimate of your savings potential (for a quick view of your savings opportunity, please check out our calculator now).

Just two minutes of your time is all it takes to initiate the transformation of your entire hotel program experience! What are you waiting for?

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