We enable corporate direct bookings — a breakthrough for hotels, corporations and travelers


Are you a hotel seeking direct corporate bookings, with zero distribution cost?


Or a corporation interested in duty of care and real-time point-of-sale visibility, at no charge?


Hoteliers and corporations who want to leave behind the industry’s wasteful, long-outdated processes – join us in creating the future! 

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Business travel procurement, reimagined

Smart Hotel Rate™ is the only platform where hotels and corporate travel managers access the same set of data. The result is leaner, streamlined hotel bookings that reduce the hotel’s cost of sale while enabling more direct interactions with travelers – thus increasing loyalty. Corporations get the benefits of rate assurance plus complete transparency into every booking, which elevates both reporting and duty of care.

  • Resolve hotel booking issues with corporate travel management software

    Direct interaction with travelers

    Returns control to the hotel, which builds loyalty

  • Seamless, modern data integration

    Bookings 100% validated, reducing complexity and cost

  • Simplified, tech-driven approach

    Allows hotels and corporations to focus on critical initiatives

What Makes Smart Hotel Rate™ Unique?

  • Cloud-Based & Platform-Agnostic

    Travelers book directly with participating hotels - just as they prefer. Then you simply log into your dashboard and view the savings and insights, or view the alerts sent via email.

  • Proprietary Logic & Algorithms

    Our sophisticated logic scans booking data for dozens of error types, assuring that every discrepancy gets detected. Ditch your inept spreadsheets, and unlock a new level of insights you’ll actually use.

  • Single Source of Truth

    Gone are the days of companies relying only on their TMC for data, which never seems to match hotels' numbers. We are independent, unbiased, and our only agenda is helping the industry get things right. Direct access to relevant spend insights—imagine that!

Say Goodbye to Yesterday's Solutions

Imagine the benefits of being able to eliminate chronic issues including expensive and complex distribution, rate issues that negatively impact loyalty, and challenges to direct booking that include duty-of-care concerns.

Smart Hotel Rate™ eliminates much of the manual, spreadsheet work our industry is full of, providing one streamlined location for hotels and their customers to see the full picture.

Measure. Improve. Grow. All in one clear, modern dashboard.

Industry recognition

Evidence that the business travel industry is embracing technology to replace manual work, spreadsheets and avoidable errors that result in billions in waste.

"These direct bookings that hotels get save them upwards of 18% in distribution costs. The bigger you are, the lower the fees."

"The service...a 'first-of-its-kind' solution, combines Traxo's email reservation parsing capabilities with the price assurance platform of Smart Hotel Rate."

"The combined Traxo/Smart Hotel Rate solution is straightforward and simple to implement -- there is no hotel integration required."

"Smart Hotel Rate algorithms determine if the rate offered was correct."

"Incorrect rate loading, or none at all, results in lost savings. Was the correct rate available, or did the traveler choose another rate?"

"Troovo’s exciting RPA technology provides us a reliable, trusted and secure source of travel bookings, so we can drive savings for thousands of customers."

"Blockchain will allow hotels to include advanced business logic in their rate offers."

“The EMEA gong went to Clean Hotel, a project enabling hotel operators to display their cleaning data via an SMS bot.”

"The solution, provided at no cost to the customer, provides an automated, real-time rate verification of direct hotel bookings as they occur."

"ConsenSys, a global blockchain technology company, had a mission: eliminate waste in corporate travel with its Smart Hotel Rate™ solution, which ensures that the best negotiated rate is being used by travelers."

"Smart Hotel Rate creates an amazing avenue for buyers to strengthen their hotel program."

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