Corporate Travel Management Software for Managing Hotel Bookings

Say Hello to a New Breed of Corporate Travel Management Software.

Each year, the corporate travel industry leaves more than $6 billion in contractually obligated hotel savings on the table.

It’s time for corporate travel managers to take back what’s theirs.

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Find Your Savings

Your Hotel Program Dreams, Realized

Smart Hotel Rate™ brings to life the hotel travel program you’ve always dreamed of. Our software analyzes comprehensive real-time data, actually crunches the numbers for you, then makes it easy to recoup lost savings through a centralized dashboard.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    Validate 100% of your bookings against your contracts, identifying every missed savings opportunity.

  • Get actionable alerts with corporate travel management software

    Actionable Alerts

    Tackle incorrect rates with real-time insights, receiving alerts based on thresholds you determine.

  • Resolve hotel booking issues with corporate travel management software

    Issue Resolution

    Organize and track progress on issues and actions, seeing the whole picture in one "command center."

What Makes Smart Hotel Rate™ Unique?

  • Cloud-Based & Platform-Agnostic

    Simply log in and start acting on the insights in your dashboard, or viewing the alerts sent to your email inbox. There is no change to your travelers’ booking process or your current business intelligence solution.

  • Proprietary Logic & Algorithms

    Our sophisticated logic scans your data for dozens of error types, assuring that every discrepancy gets detected. Ditch your inept spreadsheets, and unlock a new level of insights you’ll actually use.

  • Single Source of Truth

    Gone are the days of relying only on your TMC for data, which never seems to match the hotels' numbers. We are independent, unbiased, and our only agenda is helping you get things right. Direct access to your spend data—imagine that!

Say Goodbye to Piecemeal Solutions

Hotel travel programs are rife with thousands of incorrect rates and complex scenarios—far too many to detect with manual searching. Smart Hotel Rate™ eliminates the “time sucks” our industry has normalized, providing one streamlined location to see the full picture. Identify. Organize. Track. All in one clear, modern dashboard.

  • Spreadsheets
  • Rate Loading
  • Rate Auditing
  • RFP Management

In the Press

The team behind Smart Hotel Rate™ is recognized for their expertise in both the travel and technology industries.

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